This Standard Operating Procedure has been developed to address the procedures for Covid-19 and the different levels of protection in relation to the outbreak and control.



1.   We encourage all staff members to participate social distancing while at work. Please try to stay at least 2 meters from customers and co-workers at all time. Staff have gloves and masks available for use if in regular contact with customers.

  1. Offices please implement a payment drop box outside or inside the office for customers to drop off payments/documents
  2. Everyone entering the office should wash their hands before touching communal services.
  3. Lysol wipes will be kept at the photocopier and we ask everyone to wipe down the touch points after use.
  4. Use your elbows to turn lights on/off in the office.
  5. Office staff will be going around twice a day to wipe down high contact spots like door handles and water cooler.
  6. After using the washroom and washing your hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds). Please use the paper towel used to dry your hands to open the door and turn off light before throwing it out.


Delivery Slips and Proof of Delivery:

IOL has made exceptions to their requirement to obtain signed delivery receipts as proof of delivery (POD’s) from assigned customers.


Exception Details:

  • In the event that either a distributor or customer refused to sign, expectation is the name and phone number of the receiving person is till recorded
  • If possible, ask for confirmation of delivery email form the receiver (but not required)
  • There are risks here that are understood when it comes to product integrity, receipt, etc. and some are mitigated by GPS tracing on trucks, others by obtaining the name and phone number of the person who is receiving.


CCE and RME drivers can use the IOL exception for all of our customer deliveries. The company will advise when these measures are no longer needed.



The company is mandating self-quarantine of 14 days for the following situations:

1.   Any signs of sickness in themselves or a family member who lives in the residence. Follow up with Healthlink BC (811) for Covid-19 testing and or self-assessment tool.

  1. If an employee or a family member in the same residence has arrived back in the country.

3.   Any employee who is concerned has the right to stay home and self-quarantine themselves.


Conclusion to General:


As this current health crisis unfolds with further mandates from Governments and management will keep all employees up to date the best we can. We encourage any recommendations staff may have to help keep their fellow employees healthy.